Babysitter Sends Mom Photo, She Calls Authorities When She Sees It

When you are a parent you will do just about anything to keep your children safe. When we say anything, we mean just about anything. They are your world and without them, you don’t know what you would do with yourself. Before having kids, no one could imagine just how important these little guys could be to someone. That being said, sometimes we are way too protective of our children when we really just need to trust others more. It can be hard at times, you don’t want anything bad to happen to them, but you need to let go. The world is full of dangers in general and you can’t keep your kids in your arms at all times. A little bit of trust and space can be healthy, so remember that whatever you do, just try your best not to be a helicopter parent. This mother had to learn that lesson at her own expense. 

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